Welcome to the Green side.

I don’t really warrant an introduction, but my english teacher once told me everything should be structured correctly. I’m a firm believer that school was never useful in any case so I thought I might as well apply one of the scarce pieces of knowledge I did pick up during my twelve years of brainwashing. So here goes..

It’s hard to tell about myself when I’m only just beginning to discover for myself who I really am. I do however know for a certainty that life is divine chaos, and most of us tend to embrace it. I embrace it by tearing it down to the very building blocks, shuffling them up and building it all back up again. My way.

2 Comments on “Welcome to the Green side.”

  1. cathryn lowery says:

    School is useful as a social foundation for young minds. An opening to interactions with a variety of people of all ages. Therefore it is useful

  2. cathryn lowery says:

    Isn’t this blogger such a wise man ❤

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