Music reaches further than you think.

As I’m just getting into the whole Soundcloud vibe I’m only starting to realise how many musically inclined people I actually know personally. So take some time to listen to their work or mixes, and support them if you so wish.

Mikey Laing: 4 uploads with 38 followers (as at post date)

Orin AKA Auricle SA: 2 uploads with 68 followers

Benjamin AKA Bezveo: 2 uploads with 343 followers

Mpumi AKA Connrad Mannsion: 2 uploads with 70 followers

Chris Hall AKA Kozvox: 12 uploads with 388 followers

Ryan Hudson: 2 uploads with 13 followers

Michael Jordan AKA Shadow Electric: 23 uploads with 938 followers

I hope that you may enjoy the music, and remember, no life is worth living if you are unable to dream.


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