Why we like electronic music.

Dance Floor

Dance Floor (Photo credit: enric archivell)

It’s quite peculiar isn’t it?

I mean, if you think about it in reasonable logical terms, there’s no explanation to this obsession. In most cases there’s no real instrument involved, and if you had count the number of times you hear the same sound over and over again in one song I can literally imagine it would be a scary number. My best guess would be this is the very reason why some, or a lot, of people don’t enjoy this particular genre of music. I can imagine a few people turning in their graves by the music has changed today, entire orchestras replaced by a single computer or a not so nice voice turned into a super one just like that.. How things have changed.

So why do we like it?

The reason may be different for everyone, but as an idealist and a wandering thinker I keep coming back to the same thought process. That saying, I’m not trying to explain why we like all electronic music, just rather why we as individuals have our own varied preferences within this broad genre.

I believe a song tells a story. And just like any story a song needs to follow a trend. Before I continue however, I’d like to play a word association game. What’s the first thing music related that pops to mind when thinking about music? Once again, answers are bound to be different, but for me the clear winner has to be “dancing”. Dancing is synonymous with music, and in that minute while you’re dancing and listening to a song nothing else matters. Due to the repetitiveness of the beat the music allows you to find you’re own little shelter within the song, and because you know what’s coming you are completely free to be yourself, let go and just have fun. And when you truly love a song, you love the sound of it, and you honestly do not care how many times it comes at you. Each time, feels like the first time you hear it. Beautiful.

Like I said earlier all music tells a story but the difference with electronic music is, it lets you create the story 🙂 And that is why I and perhaps maybe you, love music the way we do. Either way, always keep listening and always keep dancing.



2 Comments on “Why we like electronic music.”

  1. woah. not sure i agree with the first couple statements you made. there’s a lot more to electronic music than repeating the same sounds. it’s a pretty naive way of looking at it considering i could technically say that strumming a guitar is just repeating the same sound.

    i also disagree that you “know what’s coming” – maybe you know what’s coming in commercial electronic music, maybe you know what’s coming in terms of knowing the track or understanding the direction, but doesn’t that hold true for regular music as well? plus, the whole process of performance edm is that the listener is taken on a journey (similar to what you said about songs telling a story) – this means being innovative and using sounds in a way that’s never been done before. despite the fact that all electronic music sounds the same to most people, it’s important not to approach it that way, because the fact of the matter is that it’s not. you may have heard two tracks together before, but you’ve never heard them sound like that (even if it’s the same dj playing them together) – in the same way that you can hear a band play a song live once and hear them play it a second time and it’s completely different.

    anyway just my two cents! nice read, thanks for sharing your thoughts.

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