Can’t techno for answer #1 Mix *Free Download*


Banger Tune #2 Black Ice by Xenith

And another one, just because I feel like it 🙂

Top Tune #1 As the rush comes by Gabriel and Dresden

Amazing new tune by Gabriel and Dresden!

Free electronic house 2012 mix *FREE DL*

Free electronic house 2012 mix *FREE DL*

I feel good 2012 mix #2

Please have a listen, and feel free to download if you enjoy.

Some awesome tunes!


One Day / Reckoning Song (Wankelmut Remix) (Club Mix)

Lovebreak – Tube and Berger

let the sun shine 2012 (tocadisco remix) – Milk and Sugar

After (Joris Voorn remix) – Moby

you and I feat donna lewis – dubvision

sillouhettes (synn cole creamfields remix) – avici

sending out an sos – kryder/joel edwards

bette davis eyes – sam obernik/tradelove

Love music


Music reaches further than you think.

As I’m just getting into the whole Soundcloud vibe I’m only starting to realise how many musically inclined people I actually know personally. So take some time to listen to their work or mixes, and support them if you so wish.

Mikey Laing: 4 uploads with 38 followers (as at post date)

Orin AKA Auricle SA: 2 uploads with 68 followers

Benjamin AKA Bezveo: 2 uploads with 343 followers

Mpumi AKA Connrad Mannsion: 2 uploads with 70 followers

Chris Hall AKA Kozvox: 12 uploads with 388 followers

Ryan Hudson: 2 uploads with 13 followers

Michael Jordan AKA Shadow Electric: 23 uploads with 938 followers

I hope that you may enjoy the music, and remember, no life is worth living if you are unable to dream.


Music is love in search of a word.


Well, since this is my blog and music has always been a big part of my life, I guess I shall be blogging about that too…

I love music, and I very recently started dabbling in music production, namely Electro and other interesting underground sounds like that. So what I intend to do on this blog (as well as speak my mind about anything I like really) is post some of my better stuff and anything interesting I happen to find along the way.

To start you off, I introduce you to my first song that sounds like a song, Tea eish sea. I promise it is only going to get better from here.