Trippy time.

I drag it through my teeth, the bittersweet of humanity. It’s a stain on my soul, an irrevocable retch of an excuse. Yet we can’t yet place it. Destiny’s chosen smear, a toxic reflux passed down the years. A lifelong endurance of it.


A rather peculiar realisation.

I sometimes look at quotes and think, how did they come up with that? Truth is it’s just ordinary people putting extraordinary happenings into eloquent words. Without life and its constant up and down, little miracles and special moments even the brightest of the bright would have nothing to say.

Welcome to the Green side.

I don’t really warrant an introduction, but my english teacher once told me everything should be structured correctly. I’m a firm believer that school was never useful in any case so I thought I might as well apply one of the scarce pieces of knowledge I did pick up during my twelve years of brainwashing. So here goes..

It’s hard to tell about myself when I’m only just beginning to discover for myself who I really am. I do however know for a certainty that life is divine chaos, and most of us tend to embrace it. I embrace it by tearing it down to the very building blocks, shuffling them up and building it all back up again. My way.